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Afrobaby Launch Party

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18 Oct Afrobaby Launch Party


On October 10th, a crowd surrounded a brownstone in Morningside Heights waiting to enter the Afrobaby launch party. As they walked into the space, people were met with a large blue lighted room and a ceiling projection of an Uptown Manhattan subway ride.  In the adjoining room there were snacks and a pop-up shop selling stickers and exclusive posters, staffed by supporters of the movement. Over ten up and coming New York artists, including Ajo, MC Elijah Black, and Taylor Simone, took to the mic performing everything from poetry to R&B to hip hop, constantly swaying and hyping up the 200+ crowd. Shared moments of affirmations, energetic dance battles and consistent chants of “Afrobaby” filled the night. Most notably, over the course of this three hour event, the audience was introduced to the Afrobaby movement that is quickly gaining attention.
Established in the Spring of 2013 by Columbia University Sophomore, Laura (19), the Afrobaby movement has taken social media and city streets by storm in its natural hair, art and hip hop inspired movement created as a creative response to society’s policing of both natural beauty and talent. Aligned with the idea of freedom of expression, the Afrobaby movement is a message built for those that dare to be bold and speak to independent thinkers that have a hustle to create something beautiful.
On this fully-functional website, Afrobaby serves as a blog with up to date articles on natural hair, art, and hip hop, an online shop selling Afrobaby stickers, and works as an artistic brand that partners with artists, filmmakers, DJ’s and fashion lines to produce innovative creative projects.
Afrobaby movement is for the people and will continue to affirm those that express artistic freedom and are trendsetters. Join the celebration.

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