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The Natural Hair Struggle


21 Jul The Natural Hair Struggle

While there are many joys of being natural, there are also associated problems that leave you frustrated with your hair. Kanisha Parks of Black Naps lets us all know that these problems are not just personal problems but rather frustrations we all feel. Below is just a sample of her 10 item list!

” 1. Tangles.
No matter how much coconut oil I apply (which is a very effective detangler, by the way) or how much I stretch my hair, it still decides to tangle up on itself. I’ve discovered that finger detangling every night is the only way to ensure that by the end of the week, I’m not stuck with a hot tangled mess to decipher for 2+ hours.

2. Single Stranded Knots.
Some things just come with the territory of being natural and SSK’s are certainly one of them. Stretching the hair helps but every now and then you’ll probably still find a few. They’re pesky little things but be comforted by the fact that you aren’t suffering alone.

3. Boredom.
Every now and then, you’ll get the itch- and that itch probably means you’re bored with your hair and ready for a change. Be careful that responding to that itch doesn’t result in some reckless haircut or dye job.”

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