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The Swiss Urban Art Duo, Nevercrew

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31 Jul The Swiss Urban Art Duo, Nevercrew

UrbnShit recently interviewed the swiss street art duo, Nevercrew, composed of Pablo Togni and Christian Rebecchi, about their art work. Below is a sample of their interview! I highly recommended reading more if you are curious on how they formed.

”  How did you get in touch with art?

We both have parents that were always interested in art and we’ve been probably inspired by their attitude and things that they let us discover in our childhood. Moreover, they were always very willing with us and our choices.

When did you start doing art?

Difficult to say. In a very general and instinctive way we started when everyone start: when we were child. From the “disposition” point of view we started at school, since we both used to create in many ways, using our time to draw, build things, invent, write, and so on.

From an “attitude” point of view we started after the Art Academy in Milano, when we decided that this is what we wanted to do and in which we wanted to put all our energies and thoughts. “

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