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Businesses That Sell Black Dolls

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26 Jan Businesses That Sell Black Dolls


It is pretty clear that when it comes to children’s toys, representation for black girls is limited in quantity and selection. Thankfully Jenell B. Stewart, Founder of Kinky Curly Coily Me, compiled a list of 7 companies that sell black dolls! Now you can easily gift your children with a toy they can actually relate to, check out a sample of the list below!

Uzuri Kid Kidz 


The company sells “Party supplies, dolls, puppets, custom T-shirts to ensure that Parents from different races find items that reflect the lifestyle of their culture on their children”

Queens of Africa Dolls 

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Check out the first ever Nigerian Fashion dolls. Their dolls tie in the African heritage with our modern society!

Natural Girls United 

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This is our personal favorite because this company features a variety of Natural Hair hairstyles from Locs to Updos to Afros and even offers custom hairstyles upon request!

Want to see the other great companies? Read more on Kinky Curly Coily Me!

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