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Natural Hair

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Stretch Hair Without Heat

  When we look to get our hair straight, the first thought is to straighten it with heat. However, this exposure...

Must Have Natural Hair Tools

Along with a large pile of hair products that have gone through an extensive trial and error process, the few...

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Businesses That Sell Black Dolls

  It is pretty clear that when it comes to children's toys, representation for black girls is limited in quantity and...

The Natural Hair Struggle

While there are many joys of being natural, there are also associated problems that leave you frustrated with your hair....

Favorite Hair Regimens and Products

    Tamara from Natural Hair Rules breaks down her favorite summer regimens and products. Find out what's a great water based...

Swimming Tips for Natural Hair

With summer approaching, pools are getting warm enough to swim in. To combat the common problems that are paired with...

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16 Summer Ready Colored Box Braids

  Summer is approaching, which means Box Braids are starting to show up like crazy. With that, people are taking their...